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Amazon Sponsored Display Ads Launch in Sweden

What do Sponsored Display Ads in Sweden look like?

Amazon has also given Swedish sellers a way to reach customers around the world and grow their businesses. Now, with the addition of Sponsored Display Ads in Sweden, Amazon is continuing to help Swedish vendors and sellers get their products in front of shoppers. More advertising opportunities means more sales, which means business growth, opening a world of possibilities for Swedish businesses of all sizes.  Keeping with Amazon’s main mission of putting the customer first, the addition of Sponsored Display Ads in Sweden also makes for a much better experience for shoppers. Sponsored Display Ads put the products that customers would want to purchase in easy-to-find spots: on search results and product detail pages related to the shoppers’ searches.

What are Sponsored Ads?

Sponsored Ads are made up of Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Products and Sponsored Display Ads on Amazon. Sponsored Ads are beneficial for vendors and sellers in any ways. 1) They help products gain visibility, appearing simply where customers will see them 2) These ads aid in increasing sales by directing shoppers that are exploring similar products to your product page 3) Sponsored Ads also help control costs, thanks to the CPC feature, meaning you set your budget, decide exactly what you want to bid per click and pay only when shoppers click your ad 4) Finally, Sponsored Ads allow tracking for a variety of metrics, providing a clear picture of the impact Amazon Advertising has on a business’s sales and performance