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Brexit and Amazon for Irish Consumers||Brexit and Amazon for Irish Consumers||JBL Speaker Party Box 300|JBL Speaker Party Box 300

Consumer Focus: Impact of Brexit on Amazon’s Business in Ireland and the EU

Is it really worth it for Irish consumers to redirect their Amazon Purchases?

Result: Switching to Amazon.de for this product has saved the Irish consumer a whopping €86.90, or almost 20%!

What does the future hold?

The fall-out from Brexit has spread to many facets of our global economy. This does not exclude consumer behaviour on Amazon, and it is only reasonable to assume that come July 1st 2021, when further VAT is placed on imported goods from the UK, the vast majority of Irish Amazon users will have already moved their purchasing to Amazon Germany. Herzlichen willkommen bei Amazon.de, Irland! Curious about how you can take advantage of this recent development to increase your Amazon sales and improve your Amazon business? Contact our factor-a experts directly.