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Case Study Universum Film: Bestseller with Sponsored Ads

Since Universum Film first entered film production in 2005, the company began making a successful name for itself. The factor-a team offered full Amazon Ads services for the optimization of all Universum’s available titles. The full offer to Universum included creating Sponsored Products (SPs), Sponsored Brands (SBs) and Product Display Ads (PDAs) with various Keyword strategies: generic, defensive and competitor.

Increase Visibility Rate

Sponsored Ads (Amazon Advertising) were first run for Universum in August 2018. factor-a’s expertise was meant first and foremost to improve the visibility and sales rate of Universum’s DVDs and BluRays, in order to make Amazon’s Best Sellers list, in a given category. In addition to Sponsored Products, a Pre-Order campaign was announced in advance of the release of Sponsored Brands (SBs), extra Claims and Product Display Ads (PDAs), in order to make customers aware of available titles. For the release, the SBs and PDAs were set with new release claims. In order to maximize the sales outcome for Universum’s titles, and reach sales goals, the campaign was updated and optimized at regular intervals. Particularly positive examples to mention here include the Death Wish Series and Babylon Berlin. As soon as a title would lose, according to an agreement with the customer, it would be removed from the focus segment. These titles would then only be supported with ongoing automatic campaigns.

Increase Brand Awareness through Sponsored Brands


Our aim was to push Universum’s brand awareness by implementing Sponsored Brands (SBs) and Product Display Ads (PDAs). Campaigns were generated with varying keyword optimization strategies: Generic: generic keywords, for instance: Drama or leading actors’ names Defensive: defensive keywords, like: Babylon Berlin Competitor: keywords naming competitors such as Red Sparrow DVD Auto: automatic direction to Sponsored Products (Keywords generated and privileged advertising position on product detail page)


  • 132 Mio. Impressions
  • 12,5% Average Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS)
  • £0,11 Average CPC (Cost per Click)

Example Babylon Berlin

  • 16 Mio. Impressions
  • 7,59% Average Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS)
  • £0,10 Average CPC (Cost per Click)