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Despite the fact that home is sweet, it’s getting bitter when imagining anyone willing to spend as much time indoors as we’ve had to spend lately in lockdown. The increase of free time and repurposing of the home has caused a serious DIY boom. Some have created home offices, set up home gyms, or just redecorated a favorite room. Unused travel funds have been reallocated to terrace and garden enhancement for safe outdoor meetings. According to Criteo, this has led to a major rise in outdoor furniture sales up to 1908% in the United Kingdom, 956% in Germany, and 428% in the United States in 2020.

FACTOR-A/DEPT® are the DIY, Home & Garden Experts

The pandemic paved the way for clear category leaders to emerge as those who successfully adapted quickly to unprecedented online demand. Google Consumer Insights cited a nearly 20% increase in home delivery from 2019 to 2020 in the UK. 

DIY professionals have already invested a lot in digital opportunities in order to take advantage of the increased desire to improve homes and gardens because consumers are doing the majority of their shopping online. Therefore, understanding new consumer demands and prioritizing them is critical when a brand defines its online presence strategy.

How we see the Home Improvement and Garden industry

Online shopping in our new digital world requires an entirely new approach to interacting with customers. With many years of successful cooperation with brands in the home improvement and garden categories under our belts, we are the experts of Amazon and e-commerce and we understand how to maximize our clients’ success. 

  • Knowing our customers: We understand who our clients are and know their goals inside and out. We work together with a holistic approach to clarify the details and specific needs of the project and start implementing them.
  • … and their competitors: Understanding our clients is only half the battle. We conduct thorough research of competitors and marketing strategies, which gives us valuable market insights to help our clients stand out.
  • Collaboration and communication: As marketing professionals, we take full ownership of our work but we also know that our clients have more experience in their industry. That’s why we maintain consistent communication and collaborative strategizing. This helps us achieve the most personalized solution possible.
  • Thinking about the future: We care about our work and provide only quality results, regardless of the project size or type. We strategize sustainable solutions for growth and success that withstand the test of time.

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