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Female Leadership: Lara Müller becomes Managing Director at FACTOR-A/DEPT®

Female reinforcement at the management level

Cologne, 22.11.2022: Lara Müller is the new Managing Director of FACTOR-A/DEPT®. She has been part of the team since the agency was founded in 2015 and now joins Managing Directors Nils Zündorf and Roberto Russo.

Since the agency’s inception, FACTOR-A/DEPT® has taken on a pioneering role in marketing & retail management on Amazon. The team specializes in the holistic support of major brands and manufacturers who want to sustainably and internationally drive their e-commerce business forward. Clients include JBL, Barilla and Yamaha.

Within a short time, the agency grew to become one of the largest Amazon specialists in Europe and became part of DEPT® in 2018. Since then, the team around previous Managing Directors Nils Zündorf and Roberto Russo has been expanding the marketplaces unit of the international digital agency DEPT®.

Now FACTOR-A/DEPT® is strengthening its management from within its own ranks. As Operations Director, Lara Müller has been active in management since August 2021 and is responsible for the processes of all operational teams. Previously, she built up the editorial team as Head of Content. In her new position, she will continue to be responsible for managing the operational units as well as taking over the People & Culture area.

“Lara started with us shortly after our founding as an intern and the first employee. Due to her enthusiasm to learn new things, her ease in facing challenges and her emphatic leadership style, she has developed remarkably over the last few years. Lara has great trust in the team and is, for me, the perfect complement to the management team,” says Marc Aufzug, founder of FACTOR-A/-DEPT®.

DEPT® became a Certified B Corporation in October 2021 and is committed to making a positive impact on society and the environment. One of the goals: to have a workforce that is a solid reflection of society at large by 2023. More than 40% of managers are to be female or non-binary. With Lara Müller’s step into the management team, the company is fulfilling its mission to expand the management team with young talent and to advance the topics of diversity and female leadership. 

A focus that Lara Müller is committed to both professionally and personally: “When I started at FACTOR/DEPT® back then, I didn’t yet know where I wanted to go and what potential lay within me. I was lucky that it was recognized and encouraged by my managers, who were predominantly male. At the same time however, I lacked a strong female role model in that context. I’m looking forward to taking on this role in the company in the future and promoting young, female talent even more.” 

Among other things, Lara Müller is an #IamRemarkable coach. This is a Google initiative that encourages women and other underrepresented groups to showcase their achievements in the work environment and beyond. 

“It’s a huge win to have Lara join us in advocating even more strongly for the values around People & Fairness in the future, helping to move the entire company forward. After all, this is not just about the social aspect. Numerous studies have shown that modern leadership and thus female leadership also pay off economically. And with her solid strategic background in operations, Lara brings another important perspective to the management team,” says Managing Director Roberto Russo.