Press release: Alexa, how popular am I on Amazon?

factor-a introduces visibility index and screening for trademarks on Amazon

● factor-a Visibility Index shows what the household knows about Alexa ● index and deep screening on site: factor-a booth dmexco hall 8 / C059 ● factor-a suite and amabid offer first 360-degree tool for vendors
Cologne, 7th of September 2017. With Amazon's advancements into the kitchen storeroom, Amazon Pantry and Amazon Fresh, food brands must now also be concerned about their popularity and the competition for visibility. Using the example of the "newcomers" in the competition, factor-a presented its Visibility Index at dmexco, an index for brands on Amazon. By means of data-based location determination, manufacturers from all industries can see what the ranking of their brands is all about - and where it is lacking: How searchable are my brands using popular keywords? Why am I less visible than my competitors? The Amazon brand test will be released in September for all manufacturers on and creates new transparency: It was developed from the monitoring and analysis approach of the factor-a suite. The 360 screening tool was developed in the software unit of the Cologne-based Amazon full-service provider, factor-a. factor-a suite and amabid - Behind the scenes, visibility is crucial The basic idea behind the new factor-a suite was to develop a navigator that enables brand manufacturers to record, understand and improve their performance on the marketplace at any time. The software analyses the area of conflict between the algorithm's logic, keyword search, product texts, inventory and marketing campaigns. Using the factor-a Sales Navigator, the core module of the factor-a suite, vendors can view their entire product range and receive priority recommendations for action. In addition to providing figures on turnover and current search positions, the factor-a suite also analyses the causes of bestsellers and weak performance, monitors inventory levels in real time in view of ongoing campaigns and displays new reviews and associated user questions. Furthermore, manufacturers can use the integrated module amabid to control their Amazon Marketing Services campaigns and evaluate them with enriched data. Vendor management on Amazon - enhanced The factor-a suite already links a manufacturer's account data with selected other information on the platform and provides vendors with insights for which they previously lacked transparency: among other things, the connection of operational indicators such as product availability and marketing campaigns. The factor-a team led by executive directors Marc Aufzug and Dominik Bors (CTO) plans to continuously enhance the software: For example, work is in progress on the early identification of advertising potential for products in the assortment.
About factor-a - The Global Marketplace Group: factor-a, part of The Global Marketplace Group (TGMG), advises manufacturers and brands on all operational questions related to trading on Amazon, from increasing sales through brand management to quality and relationship management. factor-a is a pioneer and leader in this consulting sector and pursues its approach on an international, technology-driven and holistic basis. Customers benefit from the interaction of product data and content optimisation (MPO), marketplace advertising (MPA) and data-driven account handling (MPI). With an international team of native speakers, factor-a is able to offer a wide range of services in all relevant language regions. In addition, the company implements technological solutions in the Amazon context through its own development team and gives manufacturers a decisive advantage through these tools. TGMG's team of around 60 people is based in Cologne. More at and