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Insights & Strategy

To expand profitable growth, it is crucial to have a concise understanding of the market and its characteristics. The evaluation of insights is, however, following customized demands. To deliver such, we identify together with our clients the general conditions and possibilities.

But that is only the beginning, as our insight derivation occupies a third of final working result. Strategy including actionable recommendations is therefore the predominant part in order to empower our clients to be successful on Amazon in the long run!


Get an idea of market structure and relevance

A deep dive into the overall market environment is crucial to make the right business decisions on Amazon.

Therefore, it is key to discover the individual market sizes which provides a first hint towards the segment relevance, whereas the respective market share distribution as well as the competitor landscape deliver a clear picture of the market participants and their positioning. Beside the observation of the status quo, the market development draws a trend which helps to forecast the market potential.

This sheds some light on the Amazon black box and enables our clients to develop a deeper market knowledge and derive insight-driven strategies.


Deep dive into your target market

The target market is decisive whether a product will perform in the long run as it reflects the consumer demand on Amazon. Therefore an assessment to identify the products market fit is groundbreaking.

To deliver such insights, the predominant product types are determined in combination with the product characteristics to introduce a clear guidance for the own product portfolio.

The goal is to discover the market potential for individual product types. This serves as foundation to derive price ranges which support equally performance and revenue.
In addition to that, the product consideration includes deal and twister strategies which are key levers to improve the best seller rank and therefore the business success.


Uncover the search result page

Consistent visibility is one of the key factors to succeed and scale on Amazon. Therefore, it is essential to capture the whole picture of visibility, understanding not only the own performance, but also that of the competition.

Our two analysis types, Share of Voice and Share of Shelf, reveal which advertising and organic positions are currently taken by brands on the search results page. This in turn enables a direct benchmark of the own performance. By means of an SEO performance analysis, it is additionally possible to evaluate and compare the quality of the content, which completes the whole visibility picture.

These insights support advertising control and efficiency in order to leverage visibility performance.

Consumer Behaviour

Shed some light on the target audience

Consumer-centricity is a major focus of Amazon, hence a good understanding of the target audience is key to enable business success. Therefore it is crucial to touch upon the search behaviour for a certain category whether it is generic or branded. As well as the traffic income and ownership of the own vs. competitor brands. Looking then further into the consumer journey and shed some light on the decisive purchase factors, it is good to understand the review sensitivity to set focus measures for own products.

Furthermore we are able to change the perspective and identify alternative as well as complementary product types from a consumer point of view by observing their purchase and market basket behaviour.

Account Handling

Challenge the internal way-of-working

To approach the business holistically, it is important to review the internal way-of-working in order to fully leverage the potential – this includes three major pillars retail, advertising and content. Talking about retail a portfolio screening enables the identification of cluster and structure for product handling. To set the right path, actions are derived on the basis of operational performance. The advertising assessment therefore deep dives into previous advertising performance and challenges the status quo of account set up. The pillar of content review is important to set the groundwork for both the consumer and algorithm. Hence a review highlights set up gaps, while content success measurement underlines the content impact.

The derived actions of all pillars in turn support the performance and visibility within the external environment.


Derive a financial and operational action plan

At this stage, it’s our core purpose to deliver a seamless experience as to prepare actionable recommendations and offer an outlook edited as forecast. However, this step occupies a major part to also empower our clients to transfer the theoretical performance uplift to business.

In a nutshell, the client’s potential within a certain market as well as the product life cycle are determined. Therefore this derivation combined with market insights lead to actionable recommendations which are following a strategic lead.

On top of that, a market and sales forecast with a distinction of different scenarios showcases the effect of investment height by aiming to exploit the category potential.