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Amazon launches brand stores and sponsored ads in Turkey

Sponsored Ads and Brand Stores in Turkey

International Expansion on Amazon

What Are Sponsored Ads and Brand Stores?

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Brands

Brand Stores

What are the benefits for Vendors & Sellers?

Sponsored Ads are made up of Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Products and Sponsored Display Ads on Amazon. Benefits include: 1) The ability to make products more visible because they are placed where customers are likely to see them 2) These Ads help you to enhance your sales, by driving potential buyers to your product page when they are looking for similar products 3) The ability to control your costs through the CPC feature by setting a budget and bidding exactly what you want to bid per click and pay only when shoppers click on your ad 4) A business can track a variety of metrics trough Sponsored Ads, providing an accurate picture of the impact that Amazon Ads have on sales and profitability