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Sponsored Ads and Brand Stores Launch in Singapore

As of March 24, 2021, Sponsored Ads and Brand Stores became available on Amazon.sg. This is big news for not only sellers, vendors and shoppers in Singapore, but also for retailers around the world who are hoping to expand their online businesses internationally. When building your Amazon advertising strategy, it is important to consider not only how to reach shoppers in the marketplace in which you are based, but also those around the world. The expansion of Amazon advertising and other features to new markets is making it possible for businesses to scale on a global level.

What is now available in the Singapore marketplace?

Getting Started

If you are just beginning your Amazon advertising journey, the first step is to register for an Advertising Account, selecting the country you are based out of. If you are already registered, use your current account to set up a listing on Amazon.sg and then follow our step-by-step guides to create a Sponsored Products or Sponsored Brands campaign in Singapore or check out how to build a top-performing Brand Store. Whether you are a veteran advertiser, looking to take advantage of the internationalization opportunities that Amazon advertising offers by expanding into new marketplaces, or a vendor or seller that is brand new to advertising on Amazon, now is a great time to advertise on Amazon.sg. Amazon has been and will continue to expand into new markets and is making it extremely accessible for advertisers to enter into these marketplaces as well. In less than a half year’s time, Amazon began offering Sponsored Ads in the Netherlands, opened a marketplace in Poland and now is offering Sponsored Ads in Singapore.