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Press release: Brands on Amazon under new leadership – entrepreneur Marc Aufzug and Dominik Bors expand factor-a

factor-a management team expands news company umbrella: Marc Aufzug (Rocket Internet among others) and Dominik Bors become managing directors of The Global Marketplace Group

Cologne, September 12, 2016. factor-a, a service provider for operational marketplace management specialising in Amazon, is now offering vendors an automated monitoring system. This enables brand manufacturers to detect critical display errors and unwanted content changes, among other things. The service provider factor-a originates from strategic e-commerce consulting and the expert pool around Alexander Graf (Kassenzone.de and eTribes), Markus Fost and Adrian Hotz. The specially developed software is part of a consulting approach that factor-a managing directors Marc Aufzug and Dominik Bors are expanding under a new name: The Global Marketplace Group GmbH. “Manufacturers today have to move into complex, data-driven environments, not just Amazon. With The Global Marketplace Group GmbH (TGMG) we want to support manufacturers with specially developed approaches for different marketplaces to manage their brands in e-commerce safely and successfully - also internationally".

Automatic release: Sales breaks on Amazon

The faulty or incomplete output of data uploaded to Amazon, such as texts, images or A+ content, is a major challenge for manufacturers and brands. An equally frequent disturbance: accidental changes to the data by third parties. This results in inconsistent product information that can distort critical product reviews and increase the return rate. The intelligent monitoring system from factor-a - the first of its kind in the German e-commerce community - provides manufacturers with a radar system to ensure the data quality of their products on Amazon. The software detects even small changes within individual pages and includes them in the continuous optimization process. In addition, the software can also be used to monitor legally relevant product information and thus ensure legal certainty for brands and manufacturers. “Software-based, continuous monitoring provides vendors with a direct sales advantage and decisive sovereignty in brand management on Amazon”, explains Marc Aufzug.

New service modules for eBay and the Asian region

factor-a becomes a division of The Global Marketplace Group (TGMG): Under the new umbrella of The Global Marketplace Group (TGMG), Aufzug and his co-managing director, computer scientist Dominik Bors, brand manufacturers with specialised knowledge and specially developed software tools want to support other marketplaces as well: With the business units factor-b and factor-c, they complement the original cell factor-a with two full-service providers specialising in eBay, i.e. Tmall and JD.com. “Marketplaces such as Amazon function like independent e-commerce universes with individual rules, algorithms and requirement profiles for operational management. With TGMG, we are pursuing an approach that reflects this development”, says Marc Aufzug.

About factor-a - The Global Marketplace Group:

factor-a was founded in 2015 from the expert network eTribes around e-commerce entrepreneur Alexander Graf as well as the e-commerce experts Adrian Hotz and Markus Fost. Since September 2016, factor-a has been integrated as a business unit in the newly founded The Global Marketplace Group GmbH - TGMG - since September 2016. Under this umbrella brand manufacturers with factor-b and factor-c also find specialized full-service areas for eBay as well as the Chinese marketplaces Tmall and JD.com. Under the leadership of experienced entrepreneurs Marc Aufzug and Dominik Bors, TGMG pursues a technology-oriented approach. This includes the optimization of product data (MPO), marketplace advertising (MPA) and the entire data-driven account handling (MPI) as well as supporting software tools. TGMG's 80-strong team is based in Cologne. More at http://www.factor-a.com/ und http://www.tgm.group/.


The Global Marketplace Group GmbH Brüsseler Str. 89 – 93 50672 Cologne Phone: +49 221 17733710 Email: info@factor-a.com