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Amazon Ads are becoming one of the main forms of e-commerce advertising, whether you sell on Amazon or not. A successful advertising strategy is constantly evolving, and so are the Amazon Ads products to support these campaigns. Amazon recently released new updates to all of the Sponsored Ads products and the corresponding reporting to help those using Amazon Ads to further streamline and optimize their ad campaigns.

Sponsored Products (SP) Updates: 

  • New suggested bids – this feature is especially useful for unique events like Amazon Prime day
  • Expanded Product Targeting – this allows product targeting to include a set of closely related products in order to reach more shoppers



Sponsored Brands (SB) Updates:

  • Attributed Purchases Reports – for SB & SB Videos (SBV)
  • SBV are now available for inventory outside of Amazon. Video ads appear within streaming TV content on Amazon-affiliate sites like IMDB and Twitch and on devices like Fire TV (VCPM)
  • New data available for SBV – PDP views, brand reach, PDP for new brand customers, number of started videos, 25/50/75/100% views. These KPIs provide a more well-rounded look at performance to improve your strategy moving forward. 
  • Different SBV creatives and ads running in one ad group, eliminating the need to copy campaigns for testing purposes
  • SBV report and SB report are consolidated into one report


Sponsored Display (SD) Updates

  • Matched target report – shows what ASINs your ads are shown on
  • New data (awareness) – add to cart, brand-related search query and cumulative reach
  • Brand-related search query – How many did my SD campaign lead to? (number of units added to cart)
  • Contextual targeting – an extension beyond product targeting that allows choosing products and categories to target ads, is now also displayed outside of Amazon for broader targeting
  • Sponsored Display Deny List – include web domains and apps that you want to be excluded from SD campaigns in this list and your ads are ensured to not appear in these locations

Amazon Marketing Stream (Beta)

This new push-based feature allows advertisers access to nearly real-time data reports, available by the hour. Using AWS account details, API users can subscribe to campaign data sets and receive hourly performance metrics. This currently includes targeting expression performance by placement and budget consumption, with more data sets becoming available in the coming months. 

This new access can help advertisers optimize their campaigns more effectively, thanks to intra-day insights. Hourly updates also allow API users to react quickly to campaign changes, such as budget consumption for further optimization. Finally, the Marketing Stream can help improve operational efficiency, because you get changes in real-time rather than aggregated over a period of time and the stream delivers metrics directly that simplify complex operations.


(All images are Sourced: Screenshot Advertising.Amazon.com)

Let's Chat

These Sponsored Ads updates are definitely worth checking out and incorporating into your ever-evolving advertising strategy. Keep in mind, many of these are still in the beta testing phase and, as they are being rolled out consecutively, they are not all available for every account yet. If you have questions about these updates and are curious how to best incorporate them into your campaigns, have a chat with our Ads experts today. We are looking forward to discussing with you.

Alec Burns
Principal Paid Advertising

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